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Commits on Mar 11, 2012
  1. @oskarb
Commits on Mar 10, 2012
  1. @oskarb
  2. @oskarb

    InExpressionFixture.cs: Relax assert on SQL in InSqlFunctionTest() to…

    oskarb authored
    … code with different dialects. Strengthen the asserts on parameters instead.
  3. @oskarb

    Merge pull request #90 from hazzik/NH-2347

    oskarb authored
    NH-2347, NH-2429: Linq - case inside aggregate funtions is not applied
  4. @hazzik
  5. @hazzik

    Add failing test for NH-2429

    hazzik authored
  6. @hazzik

    Add failing test for NH-2347

    hazzik authored
  7. @oskarb
  8. @oskarb

    Merge pull request #89 from hazzik/NH-3067

    oskarb authored
    NH-3067: Linq - substring function does not work
  9. @oskarb
  10. @oskarb

    Merge pull request #68 from TripleEmcoder/master

    oskarb authored
    NH-3040: SymbolSource support along with NuGet
  11. @hazzik

    Linq - fixed substring function

    hazzik authored
  12. @hazzik
  13. @oskarb
  14. @oskarb
  15. @oskarb

    Merge branch 'NH-3008'

    oskarb authored
  16. @oskarb

    Fix NH-3008 in a different way that preserves what seems to be the co…

    oskarb authored
    …ntract of GetTypesValues(), by splitting the method into two. Also some internal refactoring in InExpression.cs to simplify code.
  17. @oskarb

    Linq/Visitors/VisitorUtil.cs: Use correct type of cast.

    oskarb authored
    Linq/TypeHelperExtensionMethods.cs: Document confusingly named casting method.
    Linq/Visitors/ResultOperatorProcessors/ProcessContains.cs: Simplify cast.
  18. @oskarb
  19. @oskarb

    Merge pull request #82 from hazzik/NH-3000

    oskarb authored
    NH-3000: Linq - Function projections which is called on parameters generate incorrect HQL (regression)
Commits on Mar 9, 2012
  1. @julian-maughan
  2. @julian-maughan
  3. @julian-maughan
  4. @julian-maughan
Commits on Mar 4, 2012
  1. @oskarb

    Minor spelling.

    oskarb authored
  2. @oskarb
  3. @oskarb
  4. @oskarb

    Merge pull request #79 from Gunnar Liljas <> (…

    oskarb authored
    …with some cleanups): Support LINQ queries for dynamic components.
  5. @oskarb
  6. @oskarb

    Merge branch 'NH-2664' of

    oskarb authored
    …into NH-2664, with some formatting fixes.
  7. @oskarb
  8. @julian-maughan

    Provide missing fixture data (NH-3031)

    julian-maughan authored
    Required for Oracle, Firebird and SQLite tests
  9. @julian-maughan

    Merge pull request #86 from julian-maughan/NH-2214

    julian-maughan authored
    NH-2214: Refine SQL Server 2005/2008 paging of distinct queries
  10. @julian-maughan

    Tidy SqlString

    julian-maughan authored
Commits on Mar 3, 2012
  1. @julian-maughan
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