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Commits on Aug 17, 2014
  1. @oskarb
Commits on Aug 16, 2014
  1. @oskarb
  2. @oskarb

    Merge branch NH-3412, containing backported fixes for paging on SQL S…

    oskarb authored
    …erver (NH-2977 plus some followup changes).
  3. @hazzik @oskarb

    Fix NH-3138 caused by MsSqlSelectParser

    hazzik authored oskarb committed
  4. @ggeurts @oskarb

    Bug fixes in SQL Tokenizer.

    ggeurts authored oskarb committed
  5. @ggeurts @oskarb

    Paging for MsSql2012 changed to the new recommended standard syntax a…

    ggeurts authored oskarb committed
    …nd made MsSql20xxDialect.GetLimitString() implementations more consistent.
  6. @ggeurts @oskarb


    ggeurts authored oskarb committed
    - Added limit SQL generation for SQL Server queries with comments, common table expressions, and stored procedure invocations.
    - Modified loader to fall back to client-side limit/offset behavior if dialect does not support generation of server side limit/offset SQL for a given (custom) SQL statement.
  7. @oskarb

    Remove fix for NH-3428 which should be unnecessary when the fix for N…

    oskarb authored
    …H-2977 is picked from master.
  8. @oskarb

    Minor optimization.

    oskarb authored
  9. @ggeurts @oskarb

    Added new SqlTokenizer class to support parsing of non-trivial SELECT…

    ggeurts authored oskarb committed
    … statements. Modified SqlString.Parse() to ignore parameter references in SQL comments.
  10. @oskarb

    sqlServerCe/NHibernate.Test.last-results.xml: Allow failures in tests…

    oskarb authored
    … for NH-3132 (already fixed on master).
    sqlServerOdbc/NHibernate.Test.last-results.xml: Allow failure WillCloseWhenUsingDTC(), which hade been accidentally flagged as successful.
  11. @oskarb

    Merge branch NH-3432, containing backported fixes for dynamic proxy i…

    oskarb authored
    …ssues NH-3132, NH-2819, NH-2726, NH-3244 and NH-3058.
  12. @hazzik @oskarb
  13. @oskarb

    DefaultProxyMethodBuilder.cs: Make it better at handling generic meth…

    oskarb authored
    …ods with various type constraints. Based on pull request #142 from cremor, but leaving out the incomplete parts. Also took the opportunity for some cleanup. NH-3244.
  14. @oskarb

    DefaultMethodEmitter.cs: When emitting a proxy method, be more carefu…

    oskarb authored
    …l in how we get the MethodInfo for the target method. The previous code would get the closed generic method on .Net 2.0, but the open generic method definition on .Net 4.0. Now, explicitly reference the type arguments of the generated method, so we always get the closed generic method. This fixes NH-2819, NH-2726.
  15. @hazzik @oskarb

    Partially revert "Fixed NH-3132"

    hazzik authored oskarb committed
    This reverts commit fee54be.
  16. @hazzik @oskarb
  17. @Nicaog @oskarb

    Fixed NH-3132

    Nicaog authored oskarb committed
  18. @oskarb

    FieldAccessor.cs: Fix EOL.

    oskarb authored
  19. @hazzik @oskarb

    FieldAccessor.cs - fix EOL

    hazzik authored oskarb committed
  20. @Nicaog @oskarb

    Added failing tests for NH-3132

    Nicaog authored oskarb committed
  21. @oskarb
  22. @oskarb
  23. @dplaskon @oskarb

    add linqtohql.generatorsregistry to property enum

    dplaskon authored oskarb committed
Commits on Aug 7, 2014
  1. @oskarb
  2. @oskarb
  3. @oskarb
  4. @patearl

    NH-3638: Use real equality instead of hash code for PropertyPath equa…

    patearl authored
    …lity. Running the test code in NH-3638 demonstrates that the bug disappears with this change. No unit test committed since reproduction requires relatively complex long-running scenario.
Commits on Aug 6, 2014
  1. @oskarb

    Update releasenotes.txt.

    oskarb authored
Commits on Aug 4, 2014
  1. @oskarb

    Various test fixes:

    oskarb authored
        Don't depend on temp tables.
        Allow for dialects that don't have fractional seconds in timestamp versions.
        Allow UnaryMinusBeforeParenthesesHandledCorrectly() to fail (rest of the suite
        does) due to lack of Date support in dialect. Already fixed on master.
Commits on Aug 3, 2014
  1. @oskarb

    HqlFixture.InsertIntoFromSelect_WithSelectClauseParameters() Avoid fl…

    oskarb authored
    …oat equality conversion which might cause accuracy issues and which isn't relevant to the test.
  2. @oskarb

    Set TimestampResolutionInTicks for a number of dialects that lacked i…

    oskarb authored
    …t (to resolve some failing tests, e.g. DbVersionFixture.CollectionNoVersion()).
  3. @oskarb
  4. @oskarb
  5. @oskarb
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