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Commits on May 9, 2005
  1. results of build 0.8.1

    Mike Doerfler authored
    SVN: trunk@1436
  2. <version> fix

    Mike Doerfler authored
    SVN: trunk@1435
  3. Fixed a bug in Binder.

    Sergey Koshcheyev authored
    Added a rather trivial unit test, but had to break Binder encapsulation.
    SVN: trunk@1434
Commits on May 7, 2005
  1. AssemblyInfo from build with snk commented out

    Mike Doerfler authored
    SVN: trunk@1432
  2. - Doc Fixture Test now clean up properly.

    Mike Doerfler authored
    - GetTest no longer has test case order dependency problems with id values.
    SVN: trunk@1431
  3. added note about Test Fixture running much quicker now.

    Mike Doerfler authored
    SVN: trunk@1430
  4. nunit reports not installed yet since nant upgrade.

    Mike Doerfler authored
    SVN: trunk@1429
  5. Fixed up the build files and doc generation to reduce amount of

    Mike Doerfler authored
    SVN: trunk@1428
Commits on May 6, 2005
  1. Major TestCase refactoring:

    Sergey Koshcheyev authored
    - schema is now always set up in TestCase.TestFixtureSetUp and dropped in TestCase.TestFixtureTearDown
    - added property Mappings and MappingsAssembly to specify mappings declaratively instead of manually calling SchemaExport
    ! all tests now have to clean up the database after themselves! This is checked in TestCase.TearDown.
    - test cases not cleaning up the database were fixed
    - SetUp and TearDown are non-virtual, test writers are supposed to override OnSetUp and OnTearDown instead.
    - Added TypeFixtureBase for type-related fixtures to reduce code duplication somewhat
    These modifications sped up tests 10 times on my machine.
    SVN: trunk@1427
  2. added the vshik property to batch file used for releases.

    Mike Doerfler authored
    SVN: trunk@1426
  3. Added querysubstitutions so all hql works with mssql.

    Mike Doerfler authored
    Fixed up some failures in TearDown because of open sessions hanging
    SVN: trunk@1425
  4. removed propertyAccess simpleType because that broke hbm.xmls

    Mike Doerfler authored
    files that used a custom implementation of IPropertyAccess
    SVN: trunk@1424
  5. Fixed "big bang" and sql server datetime value issue.

    Mike Doerfler authored
    SVN: trunk@1423
  6. Fixed order of test run problem. If Subclassing was run before

    Mike Doerfler authored
    Subselect then Subselect would fail.
    SVN: trunk@1422
  7. Added instructions to install help into Visual Studio .NET

    Bill Hawes authored
    SVN: trunk@1421
  8. Include NHibernateContrib in NHibernate filter

    Bill Hawes authored
    SVN: trunk@1420
  9. Enable creation of Help2 collection

    Bill Hawes authored
    SVN: trunk@1419
Commits on May 5, 2005
  1. Fixed more session leaks in tests

    Sergey Koshcheyev authored
    SVN: trunk@1418
  2. * Better SQLite support - only about 20 test cases fail on SQLite, mo…

    Sergey Koshcheyev authored
    …stly due to bugs in SQLite ADO.NET provider
    * Modified TestCase to clean up unclosed sessions in TearDown - not completely bullet-proof, since some tests don't call TearDown, but covers a lot of the cases.
    * Changed sessions.OpenSession() to OpenSession() in all tests
    * Added Dialect.SupportsSubSelects property for use in tests instead of (dialect is SomeDialect) expressions.
    SVN: trunk@1417
  3. Added PreferLimit to PostgreSQLDialect so that LIMIT is used when OFF…

    Sergey Koshcheyev authored
    …SET is 0.
    SVN: trunk@1416
  4. Ported all FooBarTests (except those for unimplemented features).

    Sergey Koshcheyev authored
    SVN: trunk@1415
  5. Finished updating release notes.

    Mike Doerfler authored
    SVN: trunk@1414
  6. nh-92 - added minOccurs='0' to <mapping>

    Mike Doerfler authored
    SVN: trunk@1413
  7. updating release notes - got to commit message of 185 of 269

    Mike Doerfler authored
    for this build - need to resume tomm morning.
    SVN: trunk@1412
Commits on May 4, 2005
  1. updated for next build

    Mike Doerfler authored
    SVN: trunk@1411
  2. added some mods made in latest cvs commits.

    Mike Doerfler authored
    SVN: trunk@1410
Commits on May 3, 2005
  1. updated with fix of NH-239. NH now correctly infers PersistentEnumTypes

    Mike Doerfler authored
    and can use it in a ctor for a query result.
    SVN: trunk@1409
  2. updated with fix of NH-239

    Mike Doerfler authored
    SVN: trunk@1408
  3. updated to use nant-0.85 features that help clean up the build.

    Mike Doerfler authored
    SVN: trunk@1407
Commits on Apr 30, 2005
  1. Added a few more tests, corrected <version> in One and Many to fix fa…

    Sergey Koshcheyev authored
    …iling tests.
    SVN: trunk@1406
Commits on Apr 29, 2005
  1. More tests ported

    Sergey Koshcheyev authored
    SVN: trunk@1405
Commits on Apr 27, 2005
  1. A few more tests for QueryParameters

    Sergey Koshcheyev authored
    SVN: trunk@1404
  2. Test for NH-254 fix

    Sergey Koshcheyev authored
    SVN: trunk@1403
  3. Fixed NH-254

    Sergey Koshcheyev authored
    SVN: trunk@1402
Commits on Apr 25, 2005
  1. Added a few more tests

    Sergey Koshcheyev authored
    Implemented ICriteria.UniqueResult()
    SVN: trunk@1401
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