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Purpose No one should have to suffer or die alone.

History Maitri is a Sanskrit word meaning compassionate friendship and was formed as a response to the early AIDS Epidemic. We remain a hospice and respite care facility. Maîtri is a 15 bed residence providing a high level of supervision and support for homeless/low income residents of San Francisco living with HIV/AIDS. For the calendar year 2015 Maitri served 46 residents, 20 of whom passed away, 23 of whom were discharged and 3 of whom remain in residence.We have been able to provide a safety and care and comfort to our residents who may not have otherwise had these things at the end of there lives otherwise. we have also provided these things so that our residents can recover the health and strength and return to the community. We offer compassion at a critical time for the most marginalized in our community.

Goals The theme is data collect that will enable clear accurate and consistent reporting to our funders, help with fund raising and program planning and allow for the development of a system that facilitates efficiency and ease for our dedicated volunteers.

Key Features bridging reporting capabilities from old and hopefully phased out database, allowing social service staff to work in one database only, with some updated enhancements for data collection to ensure data collection

Devices Tablets, Desktops

Target Audience Volunteers approx. 60 , Staff of 53, and agencies that we as grantees report to.

Why We are a small dedicated staff providing what we believe to be a vital service. We strive to be creative and flexible in meeting our diverse client bases' needs. efficiency with our resources is key and currently we are in profound need of our technology to be efficient and providing us with accurate comprehensive information and capacity to communicate efficiently . Help with these gaps would make an immeasurable difference to Maîtri. Thank you for your consideration.

This README would normally document whatever steps are necessary to get the application up and running.

Things you may want to cover:

  • Ruby version

  • System dependencies

  • Configuration

  • Database creation

  • Database initialization

  • How to run the test suite

  • Services (job queues, cache servers, search engines, etc.)

  • Deployment instructions

Please feel free to use a different markup language if you do not plan to run rake doc:app.

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