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If you are mid-project I strongly recommend against upgrading to a new version. If you choose to do so please backup your project before using the new version!

Note: this version is functionally equivalent to v.

  • Changed card export for layouts marked as back to be right-aligned
  • Added ability to export a layout at 180 degrees
  • Added ability to create reference elements (an element owned by a layout but accessible in others)
  • When adding a Google reference the prompt will not disrupt the add reference process.
  • Reference loading is now multi-threaded so you don't have to wait as long!
  • Additional override for background shapes allowing for custom opacity
  • Added ability to select alpha in the color selection dialog.
  • Border render on exports is now controlled per layout instead of at the application level.
  • Updated Color dialog to allow typing/pasting of hex values.
  • Added ability to export with only crosses in the corners with layouts
  • Changed border functionality on export to apply if both border is enabled on the layout and border export is enabled in the general settings
  • Added support for the non-deprecated Google Sheets API
  • Added support for AutoSave (Disabled by default, can toggle with Ctrl+T)
  • Support for loading excel files! (TheMikaus)
  • Added basic implementation of FormattedText auto-scale (only applies to main font size)
  • Added Crop Export Definition (for PDF to start with) allowing for cropped outputs.
  • Added an optional x/y display to the Canvas form.


  • Uhm probably a few in there.