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This section is a work in progress (your feedback helps!).

The Basics





What should my Layout size be?!

This is a common issue users face when creating a new layout.

Questions you need answers to before continuing:

  1. What size of card / component do you want to make? (you'll need the value in inches)
  2. What is the dots per inch (DPI) you are targeting?

If you do not know how to answer the second question I would strongly recommend you assume 300DPI. This is a standard DPI that most printers should be able to output. If you plan to export to PDF for sharing/printing 300DPI will also work fine and give you fine quality output.

A bit of math

You will need to calculate the width and height based in the size and DPI.

Pixel width = (width of card in inches) x DPI

Pixel height = (height of card in inches) x DPI

Poker Card Example

Poker cards are 2.5" wide and 3.5" high.

So with a DPI of 300:

750 = 2.5 x 300

1050 = 3.5 x 300

Good Luck!

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