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The context menu is generated when you click the right mouse button on a specific element.
When you select each menu, or click outside of the area where the menu closes.

Load files

        <link href="tui-context-menu.css" rel="stylesheet">
        <script type="text/javascript" src="tui-context-menu.min.js"></script>

Write wrapper elements

<!-- Notice: The wrapper element must be located below the body. -->
<!-- Tag to create the context menu -->
<div id="tui-context-menu-container"></div>

<!-- Tag to attach the context menu -->
<div id="tui-context-menu-target"></div>

Create instance

var menu = new tui.ContextMenu(document.getElementById('tui-context-menu-container'));

Set the data to create the context menu.

  • title : string Each menu name
  • command : string Key value of each menu (optional)
  • seperator : boolean Whether to use menu separators (optional)
  • menu : Array.<object> Submenu of each menu (optional)
var menuData = [
    {title: 'open'},
    {separator: true},
        title: 'export',
        menu: [
            {title: 'png'},
            {title: 'jpg', command: 'exportToJPG'}

Declare a callback function for the custom event.

function handleClick(e, cmd) {
    console.log(cmd); // title or command value of menu data

Pass the following parameter to add the context menu.

  • arguments[0] : string Element selector to create the context menu
  • arguments[1] : function Callback function for the custom event
  • arguments[2] : Array Menu data
menu.register(document.getElementById('tui-context-menu-target'), handleClick, menuData);

You can see the action from example.

Remove the context menu

Remove the menu only.


Remove the context-menu instance.