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@sohee-lee7 sohee-lee7 released this Apr 17, 2019 · 9 commits to master since this release


  • e78c3b6 Feat: use :before as clickable task area (close #436)
  • 9f886f9 Feat: add Galician language
  • 4111722 Feat: add env param for render of markdownit (close: #375) (#467)
  • cd7d4d5 Feat: add api for setting preview delay time (close: #373)
  • b17274d Feat: link attribute option (close: #288)

Bug Fixes

  • fe1d964 Fix: when codeblock have tag by text, change the tag text to html entities (fix: #300)
  • 021e28b Fix: unexpected data-tomark-pass in codeblock (close #403)
  • 5da83a2 Fix: arrow bracket is shown as html entities in codeblock (close: #456)
  • 897c1e1 Fix: unexpected data-tomark-pass in codeblock (close #403)
  • 5af2125 Fix: xss vulnerability (close: #386)
  • ddb4534 Fix: can not delete br in table by delete key (close #405)
  • 6e78ccb Fix: mouseover always is registered (close: #473)
  • ec16772 Fix: ignore first line break of table in wysiwyg (close #470)
  • eda7e2c Fix: blocking paste when cursor in table of wysiwyg (close: #451)
  • a8cf0fb Fix: paste text into empty block (close: #474)
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