@dongsik-yoo dongsik-yoo released this Nov 6, 2018 · 1 commit to master since this release

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  • b911572 Feat: Add 'clickMore' callback in monthly view (close #170)
  • d9dde65 Feat: Don't show state(busy/free) if undefined (close #182)
  • a98b35d Feat: Week.options.hourStart, Week.options.hourEnd
  • 4fa8492 Feat: change annotations for typedef object description (close #220)
  • 6bdca64 Feat: Add travel time in daily, weekly
  • c978433 Feat: change border of travel time

Bug Fixes

  • b4a7fd0 Fix: Wrong creation popup place if hourStar and hourEnd is set (close #199)
  • e048fa4 Fix: Wrong undefined validation expression
  • 3912abe Fix: wrong detail popup position
  • 4b7efdc Fix: Dragging a schedule make wrong time on 24 o'click
  • ac686a6 Fix: Editing a event on popup doesn't not work
  • 189a8c9 Fix: State is always Busy (close #228)


  • 78f9fd9 Docs: fix APIs link
  • afec32d Docs: Add template guides for timegridDisplayPrimayTime, timegridDisplayTime
  • 70e4263 Doc: Add document usage statistics (close #172)
  • 2328ba9 Doc: Add introducing React wrapper by community
  • 8e6efb6 Doc: Add a guide for showing multiple timezones.