@sohee-lee7 sohee-lee7 released this Jan 11, 2019 · 6 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • 219f999 Feat: initial html text (ref #116)
  • 6e03a02 Feat: add customConvertor options to support customization of converetor for editor and viewer
  • 4c9ba9b Feat: export markdown-it instance without code highlight (#304)
  • 0bfb6cc Feat: add new options for customconvertor
  • 00566a6 Feat: modify new line in codeblock
  • c586b60 Feat: backspace merge codeblock
  • 90180fd Feat: use namespace (#358)
  • 4bb1dd7 Chore: update squire to v1.9.0

Bug Fixes

  • fd682fe Fix: test fail because innerHTML is to be initialValue
  • d122e40 Fix: willPaste has also begun to occurs when insertPlainText
  • 581647d Fix: state change not occurs when change mode
  • 2c6ced5 Fix: blockquote remove all when blockquote command to multi line (close
  • 8e29d7c Fix: codemirror rendering red dot when input specialchars (close #359)
  • a01af32 Fix: shortcut of blockquote and task is not work (close #356)


  • 9c3dcbe Docs: add ember wrapper
  • 23d829c Docs: Make Chinese translation more readability. (#352)
  • db940b0 Doc: fix typo in jsdoc
  • 5e14ea7 Docs: add link for ember wrapper