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Uses portquiz to check outbound ports (you should check it out!)

note: abandoned and has bugs


go get


outPorts [-t n][-w n][-c] min[-max][sf]...

The flag -t allows you to change the timeout for each connection in seconds, default is 0. The flag -w allows you to change the number of workers used (concurrent TCP requests), so if you're getting false positives, use less. Default is 1024. The flag -c allows for color/bold output which makes it easier to see.


check from ports 1 to 65535

outPorts all

check from ports 20-30 and then 40-50

outPorts 20-30 40-50

check from ports 20-10 and then 40-10

outPorts 20-10 40-10

check port 25

outPorts 25

check from ports 1-65535 and only display failure

outPorts allf

check from ports 20-25 and only display success

outPorts 20-25s

check from ports 20-25 and only display success, then check from ports 30-35 and only display failure, then check from ports 40-50 and display both.

outPorts 20-25s 30-35f 40-50

to see documentation on the terminal

outPorts -h


it works asynchronously so the output will not always be in order, but it is very fast.