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NHoS - ubuntu-defaults-image

Builds ISO of an Ubuntu (/flavor) from a defaults package. This version has added support for repos hosted on packagecloud.io and multiple extra packages.

Based on ubuntu-defaults-builder by Martin Pitt.

Getting started

Basic usage follows the manpage for the source package. Here's an example using the NHoS PPA and defaults settings package.

./ubuntu-defaults-image --ppa nhos/ppa --release xenial --flavor ubuntu-gnome --package nhos-default-settings

Specify a repository on packagecloud.io with --repo organisation/reponame

./ubuntu-defaults-image --repo nhos/nhos-default-settings --release xenial --flavor ubuntu-gnome --package nhos-default-settings

Specify additional PPAs with --ppa name/ppa

./ubuntu-defaults-image --repo nhos/nhos-default-settings --release xenial --flavor ubuntu-gnome --package nhos-default-settings --ppa libreoffice/ppa

Specify additional packages --xpackage packagename

./ubuntu-defaults-image --repo nhos/nhos-default-settings --release xenial --flavor ubuntu-gnome --package nhos-default-settings --ppa libreoffice/ppa --xpackage libreoffice-style-breeze

Create NHoS ISOs - command line

Included is the NHoS build helper build.sh, a wrapper for ubuntu-defaults-image. You can use this script to create the NHoS ISOs for yourself. It is the same script used by Travis CI to automagically create the NHoS ISOs.


To create 64bit ISO

sudo -E BUILDARCH=amd64 ./build.sh

To create 32bit ISO

sudo -E BUILDARCH=i386 ./build.sh

Our patch to live-build

The helper script build.sh patches the live-build configuration file lb_binary_disk to use the variable $LB_ISO_VOLUME for .disk/info during the finalisation of the ISO images.

Create NHoS ISOs - Dockerised

You can use our Docker container to build NHoS ISOs.

docker pull nhos/ubuntu-defaults-image:latest
docker run --env BUILDARCH=amd64 --rm -it -v `pwd`:`pwd` -w `pwd` --name buildamd64 --privileged nhos/ubuntu-defaults-image /bin/bash -c "./build.sh"
docker run --env BUILDARCH=i386 --rm -it -v `pwd`:`pwd` -w `pwd` --name buildi386 --privileged nhos/ubuntu-defaults-image /bin/bash -c "./build.sh"

Travis CI Build Status

In the small hours of the morning Travis gets busy building NHoS ISOs for us.


  • Rob Dyke - added support for packagecloud.io and extra packages.


This project is licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE v3. See the LICENSE file for details.