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#Node Wiki

A simple git based wiki system for markdown files written in node.js.

screenshot ##What it does

This is a simple wiki system that uses markdown (text) files as its database. It reads and writes to the text files in the directory it was started in so it is possible to use text editors to edit the files. Version control is done through git. There is a git mode which automatically does a git commit on each file save.


npm install nodewiki -g

note: you may need sudo


nodewiki [options]

Node Wiki can be started on any directory. To start it, simply type nodewiki in the directory that you want to start it in. Without any options, the URL for node wiki would be: http://<Hostname_or_IP>:8888/ and any other computer on the network can access the wiki (subject to firewall settings).

If you do not want other computers to be able to access node wiki, then use --local or --port= The URL for node wiki will then be http://localhost:8888/.

If your computer is connected to a network, then the --local option is highly recommended.

###Options -a <IPv4_addr>
--addr <IPv4_addr>
Listen only on IPv4_addr. The listen address can also be specified by defining NW_ADDR in the environment.

Listen on localhost only. This is equivalent to --addr=

git (deprecated)
Commit each save to a git repository.

help (deprecated)
Display a short help message.

-p <port>
--port <port>
<port> (deprecated)
Listen on rather than 8888. The default port can be changed from 8888 by setting the PORT environment variable.


Starts node wiki

nodewiki --git --local
Starts node wiki in git mode, listening on only (localhost).

nodewiki --git --local --port=9876
Starts node wiki in git mode, listening on port 9876, of, rather than the default port, 8888.

nodewiki -glp 9876
Same as the above, but using short form options.

nodewiki --help
Displays node wiki usage.