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We have a free tier launching soon. Please star this repo to receive updates. Thanks for your support!

Nhost is a serverless backend for web and mobile apps. Nhost consists of open source software pre-configured to make it fast to get started and easy to scale.

This is what you get with Nhost:

We also provide a UI to manage your database, users, and files. And we have JS/TS and Flutter SDKs to make it easy to work with.


Get Started

Nhost CLI

Managed at

Sign up and create your first app on


Then connect to your new Nhost app using the JavaScript/TypeScript SDK or Flutter SDK.

$ npm install nhost-js-sdk
# or
$ flutter i nhost-dart-sdk

In your project, initialize the SDK with the endpoint of your new Nhost App:

import { createClient } from "nhost-js-sdk";

const nhost = createClient({
  baseURL: "",

export { nhost };

Now you're ready to develop your app.

Develop Your App

Now you're ready to use these fundamental building blocks to build a unique experience:

Full Documentation

Examples and tutorials

Backend development

To further develop your backend, deep dive into these topics:

Full Documentation


Nhost libraries and tools

Community ❤️

First and foremost: Star and watch this repository to stay up-to-date.

Also, follow Nhost on GitHub Discussions, our Blog, and on Twitter. You can chat with the team and other members on Discord, and follow our tutorials and other video material at YouTube.

Nhost is Open Source

This repository, and most of our other open source projects, are licensed under the MIT license.

How to contribute

Here are some ways of contributing to making Nhost better:

  • Try out Nhost, and think of ways of how you can make the service better.
  • Join our Discord and connect with other members to share and learn from.
  • Send a pull request to any our open source repositories on Github. We're looking forward to your contribution!


If you discover a security vulnerability within Nhost, please send an e-mail to All security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.