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Nhost is an open source Firebase alternative with GraphQL, built with the following things in mind:

  • Open Source
  • GraphQL
  • SQL
  • Great Developer Experience

Nhost consists of open source software:

Architecture of Nhost

Visit for the complete documentation.

Get Started

Option 1: Nhost Hosted Platform

  1. Sign in to Nhost.
  2. Create Nhost app.
  3. Done.

Option 2: Self-hosting

Since Nhost is 100% open source, you can self-host the whole Nhost stack. Check out the example docker-compose file to self-host Nhost.

Sign In and Make a Graphql Request

Install the @nhost/nhost-js package and start build your app:

import { NhostClient } from '@nhost/nhost-js'

const nhost = new NhostClient({
  subdomain: '<your-subdomain>',
  region: '<your-region>'

await nhost.auth.signIn({ email: '', password: 'spaceX' })

await nhost.graphql.request(`{
  users {

Frontend Agnostic

Nhost is frontend agnostic, which means Nhost works with all frontend frameworks.


  • Start developing locally with the Nhost CLI

Nhost Clients



Community ❤️

First and foremost: Star and watch this repository to stay up-to-date.

Also, follow Nhost on GitHub Discussions, our Blog, and on Twitter. You can chat with the team and other members on Discord and follow our tutorials and other video material at YouTube.

Nhost is Open Source

This repository, and most of our other open source projects, are licensed under the MIT license.

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How to contribute

Here are some ways of contributing to making Nhost better:


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