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AMJ40 keyboard firmware

DIY/Assembled compact 40% keyboard.

Ported by N.Hou from the original TMK firmware.

*Supports both backlight LEDs as well as RGB underglow.

*For reference, the AMJ40 uses pin D3 for underglow lighting.

Quantum MK Firmware

For the full Quantum feature list, see the parent


Download or clone the whole firmware and navigate to the keyboards/amj40 folder. Once your dev env is setup, you'll be able to type make to generate your .hex - you can then use make dfu to program your PCB once you hit the reset button.

Depending on which keymap you would like to use, you will have to compile slightly differently.


To build with the default keymap, simply run sudo make all. The .hex file will appear in the root of the qmk firmware folder.

Original tmk firmware

The original firmware that was used to port to qmk can be found here.