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Calculates pivot points for a given ticker symbol, indicating areas of support and resistance
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LICENSE Update Nov 10, 2015

getpivots (pivot-point-calculator)


Getpivots can be used for identifying areas of support and resistance for the next day's trading session. Getpivots calculates pivot points for a given ticker symbol using the most recent closing price data, and leverages several different algorithms which include the Floor/Classic formula, Woodie’s Formula, as well as Kirk's formula.



pip install getpivots


getpivots -t tickersymbol -f -w -k -c


-h, --help          Print this help text and exit
-t, --ticker        Specify a ticker symbol to run against (e.g. YHOO)
-f, --floor         Uses the Floor/Classic calculation
-w, --woodie		Uses the Woddy calculation
-k, --kirk			Uses Kirk's calculation (
-c, --current       Inserts indicator for current price if run during an active session (e.g. -> 123.00)

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