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NHS England Data Directory

Listings website for the NHS England Health Data Directory.

Stories in Ready

Generating the Directory

  1. Data is gathered from a survey / research process.

  2. Data is exported from the survey to a CSV file.

  3. The CSV data is transformed to our Data Directory Dataset format

  4. The new dataset is uploaded to CKAN, along with annotations for datasets

  5. The new Directory website is generated from the dataset

  6. The new Directory website is deployed

  7. There is no step 7.

1. Data collection

Data collection is currently via a Google form.

2. Data export

Data can be exported from a Google form via the file->save-> CSV menu.

3. Transforming data

Data transformations are performed using the Rakefile in this repository. They expect the survey output to be named "".

rake transform

4. Uploading data to CKAN

Data may be uploaded to CKAN via the script.


5. Generating the Directory website

Generating a Directory website from the data is done by the Rakefile in this repository. The script expects the dataset to be available in the file "".

rake generate
rake commit

6. Deploying the Directory

The directory is deployed to the Catalogue using the catalogue ansible scripts.

ansible-playbook -i hosts deploy_directory.yml --vault-password-file ~/.vault.txt


Source code for the NHS England Data Directory



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