A collection of example apps using Backbone and Socket.IO
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Backbone Examples

What's in here:

  1. Twittermap - Fetches data from Twitter to post geo-tweets on to a styled google map. Uses Backbone.
  2. Backbone Blog - A blog directed by a Backbone router to dynamically traverse content. Uses Backbone and Socket.IO (to push down articles).
  3. Patchwork (Very experimental) - Connects users together to share code by dragging and dropping files into the browser. I have to say this is extremely testy and nowhere near completion. However I wanted to go ahead and post it and I will continue to improve it over time. Uses Backbone and NowJS (A socket.io framework). I strongly recommend using the mightiest browser you can find for this one (Chrome works great).

Getting Started

  1. Install node

Most of these examples rely on an NPM package called backbone-server. This package is an currenly nothing more than an abstraction on top of Express and Socket.IO to lower the amount of code required to configure the backend. For more information on backbone-server, visit the Github page.


I understand that there may be portions of these examples which require further clarification. Please let me know if anything requires additional explanation and I will happily comply.