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A helper robot written for the busy developer. Nodebot can (currently):

  • Compile javascripts using Uglify.js (And all javascripts in a directory)
  • Validate html (websites too), css, and javascript
  • Watch files for changes and validate them there is a supported validator
  • Report system information such as ip addresses, free memory, and host names
  • Query Wolfram|Alpha for definitions and answers to complex questions.

npm install nodebot -g

Example commands

$ nodebot What is the capital of Spain?

$ nodebot is nodebot.js valid?

$ nodebot watch ./nodebot.js

$ nodebot how much free memory do I have?

Validate Javascript, CSS, and HTML (websites work too)

$ nodebot is nodebot.js valid?

Nodebot: Oh snap! I found 1 error in nodebot.js: 
48:12 - Don't make functions within a loop.

General Information

$ nodebot

Nodebot: What can I help you with?
 Response: what is the current directory

Nodebot: The current directory is /Users/nate/Sites/nodebot

Nodebot: What can I help you with?
 Response: what is my ip address?

Nodebot: User's ip address is 

   local -
external -

Nodebot: What can I help you with?
 Response: What is your name?

Nodebot: Nodebot's name is Nodebot

Compiling javascript

$ nodebot compile all javascript as min.js

Nodebot: I am now compiling all javascript into min.js

Nodebot: Files have changed. Compiling all javascript into min.js.