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A flash card game for Viget employees!
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A flash card game for Viget employees!


Peyton Crump:

One thing would be to only have guys' names answers come up for the guys and ladies' names answers for the ladies

Ben Eckerson:

Make a tougher level that completely pixelates the images or (decapitates folks in the spirit of halloween?) for those people like Crump who have been here forever.

Kahnh Stenberg:

Use BOOM. more difficult and terrifying.

Brian Williams:

What if you randomly mix up the first and last names? "Saad Williams" and "Emily Lewis" and "Elliott Shifflett" for example

Anjali Merchant:

You could have a second question about what office the person is in. Or, use the top filters for office locations and have the second question be what team they are a part of. Must answer both correctly.

Eli Fatsi:

Make the *'s either a consistent length or a random length. I think now the number of *'s before you guess is the number of letters and spaces in the persons name - kind of gives it away

Elliot Munez:

Not "harder" necessarily, but have the form submit when a name is selected (versus having to explicitly click "submit"). It makes each selection more of a commitment.


Dev requirements:

Build it

npm install -d

Test it

npm test

Check test coverage

make coverage

Start it

npm start

Compile assets



grunt watch

Host it

heroku create
git push heroku master
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