Automatically Downloads and checks for new Builds of Spigot for Minecraft
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Build Tools Downloader

Build Tools Downloader (BTD) is used to automatically download Build Tools JAR file from Spigot, compile it, and (optionally) run Minecraft. It will also report this information to a text file so that that information can be used to monitor the health of the server as well as the current build of Spigot.


Setup Instructions

Formal setup instructions coming soon. Most information needed to get the application up and running can be found by modifying the configuration file included with the application.

Sample Configuration Information

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <supportedRuntime version="v4.0" sku=".NETFramework,Version=v4.5"/>
    <!--Location to Build Version numbers to check against-->
    <add key="BuildInfo" value="" />
    <!--Location to last new build tools JAR file-->
    <add key="BuildTools" value="" />
    <!--Do not change this, this is used to keep track of current build-->
    <add key="CurrentBuild" value="258" />
    <!--Path to Git Bash location-->
    <add key="Bash" value="C:\Program Files\Git\bin\bash.exe" />
    <!--Location to where builds should be built-->
    <add key="BuildLocation" value="C:\" />
    <!--Build folder name-->
    <add key="BulidFolderFormat" value="MC" />
    <!--If set to true, then each build will get its own folder, otherwise build folder gets overwritten-->
    <add key="RequireUniqueDir" value="False" />
    <!--Location to Spigot Jar to replace-->
    <add key="SpigotLocation" value="C:\Minecraft Server\spigot.jar" />
    <!--If set to true, Minecraft will be started aferwards-->
    <add key="StartMinecraft" value="True" />
    <!--Folder location to current Spigot Build-->
    <add key="CurrentBuildFolder" value="C:\MC" />
    <!--Command line arguments to start with the Java JAR file-->
    <add key="JavaArguments" value="-Xincgc -Xms1024M -Xmx3072M -XX:MaxPermSize=128M -jar" />
    <!--Arguments to use when running the build tools JAR-->
    <add key="BuildToolsArguments" value=" --rev 1.12"/>
    <!--When set to true, we will always check and force a new build-->
    <add key="AlwaysCheckForNewBuild" value="False" />
    <!--Log file name-->
    <add key="BuildLog" value="build.txt"/>