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New HOWTOPLAY for version 1.2

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+Version 1.2 of the engine focuses on the development of the many things.
+Items now have functionality and can be equipped, battles attacks and
+spells are able to have animations, there was plenty of cleanup to the code
+as well as making it more generic for use in other games, and all the menus
+of the main menu system are accessible and functioning (minus spells and
+items having a use in the menu). Overall, the main goal of this version
+was to polish and complete as many of the previous systems as possible
+in order to have a presentable demo of the game for Too Many Games 2012.
+Just a heads up, input is done using the arrow keys and X (A button), Z (B button),
+Function keys START (S), SELECT (A), Quick Save (F5), Quick Load (F6), and
+Soft Reset (F8).
+Upon starting the game, the intro will display the story fading in line by
+line, just like how the classic FF games presented their story. You can
+speed through this line by line by pressing the A button, or you can skip
+straight to the title screen by pressing START.
+From the title screen you can choose to start a new game (continue is not
+yet working). Once you start a new game, party creation will start. This
+is no different than before.
+After picking your characters, you'll be plopped right into the test world.
+This time the map is of custom design of the Everfree Forest.
+No NPCs in this test because they were still not fully functional or worked on.
+However, since this is the Everfree Forest, Zecora's shop is present on the
+second map screen! Inside Zecora's tree house you can buy Potions (cast
+CURE on a single ally), Brews (cast Fire on a single foe), and Muffins (cast CURE
+on all allies). You start off the game with 500 G so you can buy a few of each.
+Along the way to that shop, you'll most likely encounter a few battles. Drink
+and Item are now functioning. Item allows you to select a piece of equipment
+to use. If the equipment has a battle function (some accessories will) it will
+be executed for the player's turn. Drink allows you to use your consumable/
+battle usable items that are in the inventory.
+Order scene and even the menu have been expanded capability wise to support
+looking at parties and reordering parties of more than 4 players. If you press
+F1 for Developer test mode you will have one member of each class type, and
+then you can reorganize the party however you want. This is great for games
+where people might want to develop it to have more than 4 characters in your
+party (like a FF4 clone).
+That's it to playing Version 1.2. Have fun and enjoy making new content for
+the engine.

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