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  • fixed really annoying bug caused by Rails design -- Rails doesn't call after_destroy when assigning many to many relationships to a model, like user.movies = [m1, m2, m3] or user.update_attributes(params[:user]) where it contains params[:user][:movie_ids] list (say from checkboxes), but it DOES CALL after_create for the new relationships. the fix adds after_remove callback to the has_many relationships, ensuring neo4j is up to date with all changes, no matter how they were committed


  • rewrote seacrch. one index for all types instead of one for type. please run neo_search_index on all of your models. search in multiple types at once with `, term)


  • new configuration syntax (backwards compatible)
  • full text search index


  • create node immediately after active record create
  • logging
  • bug fixes


  • initial release