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Updating examples and adding new ones for NXG 3.0 (#62)

* Removing Builds folders before making updates to the examples

* Update the Customize with CSS example

Update the Customize with CSS example (including Readme; screenshots not yet updated)

* Fixes for Incorporate User Resources example

Small fixes:
- Update HTML (source panel) to reset line-height on a custom div
- Fix typo in hyperlink on panel

Note: These fixes were made directly in the source. This version has not yet been opened/ resaved in NXG3.

* CSS fix for Call 3rd Party Web Service example

Fix data grid column header font size via CSS (source panel change)

* Fix spaces-as-tabs for Customize with CSS Readme

* Update version#s in CSS readme

* Update CallJavaScriptFromAWebVI example (resize arrays of switches, resave in NXG3)

* Update CallJSFromWebVI project cache (so only .gviweb is open)

* Update 'Embed WebVI Into Content' example for NXG3

* Adding User Event Generation example

* Updating examples to use Event Structures

* Fixing description of UserEventGeneration.lvproject

* Update project description

Update description (NXG 2.0 -> NXG)

* Restructure examples, update NXG2 references

- Update readmes: NXG2->NXG3, update image URLs to be absolute (and pointing to GitHub), since we're planning on removing the images from perforce
- Restructure examples: Currently any content in directories above the .lvproject is not getting deployed / copied along with the NXG project, when the user clones an example via the NXG lobby. So we're moving that content into the project directory so everything the user needs gets copied.

* Update paths

* Re-save .lvdist files + update a few caches (for open docs)

* Update readmes

* Update path

* Update readme

* Update readme

* Updating Utilize Skyline Data Services example for 3.0

Fix for Tags failing to work with SystemLink Cloud, replaced all references to Skyline with SystemLink, and worked around CAR 703054. Removed MobileTest.gcomp & BasicDataServicesExample.gcomp from the "This Computer" target.

* Rename top-level folder to Call SystemLink Data Services

Completing the rename

* Updating examples based on feedback

* Adding lvprojectcache back in

* Update caches / delete duplicate caches with incorrect project names

* IncorporateUserResources: Re-save, update free text height

Re-save example for NXG3. Update a free text element to be taller (text was cut off).

* Re-save EmbedContentIntoWebVI, remove NXG 2.0 reference

* Re-save EmbedWebVIIntoContent, remove NXG 2.0 reference

* Remove web applications from dev system

* Update two other projects

* Updating .lvprojectcache to hide bottom pane and closed extra opened tabs on some projects

* Fixing issues with examples

* Updating references to local paths

* Fixing IncorporateUserResources example

* Adding other example fixes that I missed

* Manually merge SystemLink changes from #59

Seperate #59 CallSystemLinkDataServices changes to be standalone

* Closed lvdist file by default

* Removed Web Applications from DevSystem in System Diagram for SystemLink example
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