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National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

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  1. dsb Public

    Normalize CITEseq Data

    R 37 10

  2. This repository consists of scripts and workflows used for generating results, figures, and tables published in the article: Can Liu, Andrew J. Martins, William W. Lau, Nicholas Rachmaninoff, ..., …

    R 13 8

  3. This repository contains the custom scripts used in the automated workflows hosted on the NIH 3D Print Exchange (

    Python 11 1

  4. Aligning images acquired with the IBEX microscopy imaging technique

    Python 10 3

  5. baseline Public

    Reproducible workflows for the data analysis of "Baseline" project

    HTML 9 6

  6. R_Intro Public

    A Gentle Introduction to R, RStudio, and visualization

    R 8 4


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