Collects playcount information from your google play music account.
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Visit this url to see a live demo, from my own Google Play Music account.


I've wanted a sharable link I could use to show what I'm listening to most from the Google Play Music Service. I thought it might be nice to compare what I'm listening to with others.

goog-playcounts is a dockerized container that contains a Python Flask application, mounted onto a Tornado WSGI. This makes the application simple to deploy and maintain- and able to handle a bit of concurrency.

Running Your Own Instance

Running your own goog-playcount instance is actually pretty simple. You'll need the following:

  • You'll need a docker host machine, with git installed.
  • Login to your host and clone this repo: $ git clone
  • Edit a config.json file (there is an example file provided) and enter in your Google Play Music credentials. I strongly recommend you create an application password on your Google account to maximize your flexibillity with security.
  • Make sure your config.json file is in the same directory as ''
  • Run the bootstrap command to start the container: $ ./
  • You can now access your goog-playcount instance on port 80 of your host machine. (ie. type the ip-address into your browser.)