A Dockerized Django Application for Aggregating Playcounts
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goog-playcounts2 is the second iteration of a service designed to harvest playcount data from Google Play Music. It leverages Simon Weber's excellent gmusicapi to communicate with Google to retrieve Google Play Music account source data.


You will find a running version of the application here.


This project makes use of a generic dockerized development environment I created called gypsy. Gypsy is a Django development environment manager based on containers and geared towards rapid project starts. It's goal is to allow a team to get a Django project up and running fast, with a path forward into production.

From a birds eye view, the containers are arranged in the following manner for local development:


And they are networked in the following fashion:


Running Your Own Instance

Get your instance up and running quickly following the following steps:

  1. Clone this Repository

  2. Install Docker on your local machine

  3. Use the gypsy command to input your google credentials:

    ./gypsy blob

    Enter the following commands, adding your account credentials to have them input into vault:

    vault write secret/google_username                                       value="your email address"
    vault write secret/google_password                                       value="your account password"
  4. Start up the local dev environment (wait for the celery cron to run and populate your listening data):

    ./gypsy environment local
    ./gypsy start
  5. Open your favorite IDE and navigate to the project folder to make any changes.