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=== Plugin Name ===
Contributors: niallkennedy
Tags: flickr, shortcode, photography
Requires at least: 3.0
Tested up to: 3.1
Stable tag: 0.1
Display a Flickr photo using a shortcode. Include MediaRSS output in your Atom feed.
== Description ==
Display a photo from Flickr using a simple shortcode.
`[flickr photo="1234"]`
`[flickr photo="1234" w=400]`
This plugin requests information about the photograph, including photo sizes, from Flickr via the Flickr API. Requires a [Flickr API key]( to function (free for non-commercial use).
Works with the `content_width` of your theme to load the highest quality Flickr image stretched to the width of your content column.
Includes [Media RSS markup]( including all available photo sizes and original photographer credits. Helps feed readers better understand your visual content and helps make your content more searchable.
All HTTP requests pass through WP_HTTP for use with your existing filters. It's also more WordPress-y.
== Installation ==
You should be familiar with installing a WordPress plugin.
1. Search for this Flickr plugin from your WordPress administrative interface.
1. Download a compressed package. Uncompress. Activate.
1. Don't forget to activate the plugin.
1. Add your Flickr API key in your site's Media Settings ( Settings -> Media )
== Screenshots ==
1. Flickr photographs automatically expand to your theme's `content_width` including mobile and tablet themes.
2. Save your Flickr API key in your site's Media Settings.
== Frequently Asked Questions ==
= Why do I need an API key? =
Flickr requires an API key for programmatic access to its servers.
= Do you support Flickr videos? =
Not yet. The plugin author does not embed Flickr videos on his blog.
= Do you support Flickr slideshows? =
No. The plugin author does not embed Flickr slideshows on his blog.
== Changelog ==
= 0.1 =
Initial release. Display a photo in the content; include Media RSS in the feed.
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