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Metaweb's Nanny with Python support
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PyNanny is a UNIX process management framework. It has a mini HTTP server for
exposing statistics, logs and settings. It is useful for:

- Auto-daemonization.
- Periodic operations. Like cron, but per-application. Cron doesn't have access
  to your application's environment, nor is it aware of whether your process is
  running. Many real-world production periodic operations should only run when
  their application is running.
- Logging. STDOUT, STDERR are harvested by default - to rotated on-disk files
  and in-memory buffers accessible via the HTTP interface. Events such as
  health check failures, restarts and periodic operations are also logged.
- Statistics gathering.
- Automatically restarting processes when they crash or fail a health check.
  Extrmely useful when you have production processes which are known to need
  restarts (e.g. due to bugs, JVM/interpreter crashes, etc).
- Configuration of child environments.
- Management of *groups* of processes - a single nanny process can monitor as
  many children as you like. This is very usefull if you have e.g. multiple
  copies of the same server running on separate ports, and want a single
  process to control them.

The core of Nanny is written in C and is production tested. PyNanny is a Python
binding combining the stable, performant C core with the extensibility and
flexibility of Python.
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