Node.js command-line tool to batch convert Markdown files into HTML
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Github Flavored Markdown Node.js CLI

Batch convert Markdown files into HTML.


Install node.js 0.6.0+ and run:

sudo npm install gh-markdown-cli -g

This will create an alias to the executable on your /usr/local/bin folder, if you install it without the -g flag you won't be able use it as global command-line utility.

Usage example


find . -name '*.md' -exec mdown --output doc {} \;

This will convert any .md files it can find underneath the current directory and it's child folders and output them into the --output folder.

If you want to convert only files inside the directory itself but ignore child folders change shell glob to "*.md":

mdown -o doc src/*.md

And to convert just a single file and output it into the current folder:

mdown -o .

Header / Footer

You can specify HTML files to be used as header and footer of all the pages:

mdown -o dist --header "assets/header.html" --footer "assets/header.html" *.md

stdin / stdout

It also works with stdin and stdout, so you can pipe other command-line tools like echo, cat, curl, etc...

cat | mdown > foo.html
echo "# foo" | mdown
curl | mdown

If you don't specify the --output it will echo the result to stdout by default.


For a list of all available options run mdown -h:

$ mdown -h

  Usage: mdown [options] file ...


    -h, --help             output usage information
    -V, --version          output the version number
    -o, --output <name>    Output directory or output file name if using stdin for input.
    --exclude <globs>      Comma separated list of globs used for exclusion. Defaults to "node_modules/**"
    --header <path>        Path to HTML file used as header on all documents.
    --footer <path>        Path to HTML file used as footer on all documents.
    --encoding <encoding>  File encoding. Defaults to "utf-8".

Markdown dependency-based compilation via GNU Make

A common scenario is to want to generate HTML from a directory full of Markdown files. The HTML output also depends upon a header and a footer file. However, the HTML output files should only be updated if the output does not already exist, the corresponding source Markdown has changed since last build - or if either the header or footer has changed.

This is the problem that the venerable UNIX make(1) command has been designed to solve. Using GNU make, the below sample will compile each Markdown file in a "md" subdirectory into a corresponding HTML output file in a "html" subdirectory. The mdown program will only be executed if a) the output file doesn't exist b) the output file is older than the input file c) the header or footer have been modified since last build.

# Put this in a file named GNUmakefile
# and your Markdown sources in a sub-dir called "md".
# Header and footer should be in "assets/header.html" and "assets/footer.html" respectively.
# HTML output will be written to "html" sub-dir.
DOCS := $(wildcard md/*.md)
DOCS_HTML := $(patsubst md/%, html/%, $(patsubst,%.html,$(DOCS)))
ASSETS := $(wildcard assets/*.html)

all: $(DOCS_HTML)

html/%.html : md/ $(ASSETS)
	mdown -o html/ --header "assets/header.html" --footer "assets/footer.html" $<


The real work was done by the creators of the open source libraries used by this project (node-glob, minimatch, wrench-js, github-flavored-markdown, commander.js), I only assembled things together to make it easier to use, the credit should go to them.