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Basic Pyramid Scaffold to easily use MongoDB for persistence with the Pyramid Web framework

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pyramid_mongodb is a simple Paster template or scaffold for the Pyramid Web Framework. It provides URL mapping via traversal and persistence via MongoDB. It is based on the "starter" template included in Pyramid core, and Mike Orr's "Akhet" template.



Latest stable releases can be found at

You can install from Pypi using easy_install or pip:

easy_install pyramid_mongodb

or alternatively:

pip install pyramid_mongodb


Once pyramid_mongodb is installed, you should see it in the list of available templates when you run

pcreate -l
$ pcreate -l
Available scaffolds:
  alchemy:          Pyramid SQLAlchemy project using url dispatch
  pyramid_mongodb:  pyramid MongoDB project
  starter:          Pyramid starter project
  zodb:             Pyramid ZODB project using traversal

You can create a project with MongoDB support by running pcreate -s pyramid_mongodb <name of project>.

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