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These are the release notes for Perroquet

1/ What is Perroquet ?

Perroquet force you to repeat what you hear.

This programs give the possibility to make oral comprehension exercices
using audio or video files and subtitles. With the help of subtitles
time-codes, Perroquet cut the video you have to type the words you hear.

2/ How to use ?

- Click on "New exercice" button.
- Select a video or audio file, the subtitle file (srt format) in same
  language and optionnaly, another subtitles file in an other language.
- The media is loaded and the first segment is played.
- In the typing area, small rectangles represents each word you have to
  find. Try to type. If a word become green, you found the right word.
- You can replay the current sequence with the "Replay" button or
  pressing "Return".
- When the whole sequence is valid, Perroquet will repeat a last time the sequence and continue to the next sequence.

You also can use the exercise manager inedit menu to easily install exercises from online database.

3/ Controls

* Key 'return' : Replay sequence.
* Key 'F1' : Hint on current word.
* Key 'shift + F1' : Complete the current word.
* Key 'control + shift + F1' : Complete the current sequence.
* Key 'F2' : Show/hide translation
* Key 'F9' : Show/hide lateral panel
* Key '+' and '-' : Change play speed. The speed change features must be enabled
* Key 'tab' and 'shift + tab' : next and previous tab
* Key 'Up' and 'Down' or 'Page up' and 'Page down' : next and previous sequence
* Key 'Pause' : Toogle pause

4/ Additional help

You may found aditionnal help here:

Official web site:
Project page :
Contact :


Perroquet is a educational program to improve playfully your listening in a foreign language.




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