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A Shopping Cart built in React
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A Shopping Cart built in React

The cart is working but my aim is to use this as a learning ground to keep adding up to date React features and implementing the latest standards and practices to further and hopefully help others with a similar task.

As each new feature is implemented, and the app gets a to a new version i will be creating seperate branches to show my progress whilst building the app and different stages it has gone through.


Built using create-react-app simply clone and run yarn install, and you should be good to go.

Current Status

  • The basic Version 1.0 of this app has a table of products , which you can add to a cart.
  • The cart then calculates the total of items.
  • You can remove an item, and the total will update. (Same for adding an item)
  • There is a clear all button for removing all items.

..... More to come :)

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