Cisco IOS config editing mode for Gnu Emacs
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Cisco IOS config mode

ios-config-mode is an Emacs major mode that helps to view and edit Cisco IOS (tm) configuration files.

Features include:

  • Font locking rules.
  • Imenu support
  • Indentation
  • Convenience routines to add lines to interface blocks (eg. shut all interfaces).

The mode consists of two files

  1. The mail mode itself (with the syntax rules and other usual features) - ios-config-mode.el.
  2. An addon file which contains some routines that provide easy interfaces for common tasks (like shutdown all interfaces) - ios-config-addons.el. This file also contains two simple functions that can be used as templates to write more complex ones which modify the buffer contents.

For comments, suggestions and fixes, please contact Noufal Ibrahim