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import os
import time
import sched
import logging
import datetime
import subprocess
class BadCronLine(ValueError): pass
class Minicron(object):
def __init__(self, cronfile, inittime = None, tickfreq = 60):
"""Creates a cron runner that runs starting at
`inittime` (default is the current time).
A 'minute' goes by once every `tickfreq` seconds (default is 60)
`inittime` can be used to make the cron believe it's running
at a different time. `tickfreq` can be used to scale the
runner up or down. Passing _1_ for example will make it
believe that a minute has gone by every second (useful for
logging.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO, format = "[%(levelname)s] : %(filename)s:%(lineno)d : %(message)s")
self.ctime = inittime
if self.ctime == None:
self.ctime = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(time.time())
self.tickfreq = tickfreq
self.cronfile = cronfile
self.scheduler = sched.scheduler(time.time, time.sleep)
self.scheduler.enter(self.tickfreq, 1, self._tick, ())
def _matches_cron_expression(self, ctime, cronline):
"""Returns True if the provided time matches the expression in
the given cronline"""
def match_minute(ctime, exp):
if exp == "*":
return True
if "/" in exp:
a,b = exp.split("/")
return not ctime.minute % int(b)
if ctime.minute == int(exp):
return True
def match_hour(ctime, exp):
if exp == "*":
return True
if "/" in exp:
a,b = exp.split("/")
return not ctime.hour % int(b)
if ctime.hour == int(exp):
return True
mm, hh, dom, moy, dow, cmd = cronline.split(None, 5)
if not all(x == "*" for x in [dom, moy, dow]):
raise BadCronLine("Only minutes and hours may be set. The others have to be *")
return all([match_minute(ctime, mm),
match_hour (ctime, hh)])
def _run_command(self, cmd):
"Runs the given command"
logging.debug(" Running command %s"%cmd)
p = subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell = True)
def _check_and_run_commands(self, ctime):
"""Checks each line of the cron input file to see if the
command is to be run. If so, it runs it"""
f = open(self.cronfile)
for cronline in f:
if self._matches_cron_expression(ctime, cronline):
mm, hh, dom, moy, dow, cmd = cronline.split(None, 5)
def _tick(self):
"The ticker that gets called once a minute"
self.ctime += datetime.timedelta(seconds = 60)
logging.debug("Ticker waking up at %s"%self.ctime)
if self.times == None:
self.scheduler.enter(self.tickfreq, 1, self._tick, ())
elif self.times > 0:
self.times -= 1
self.scheduler.enter(self.tickfreq, 1, self._tick, ())
def run(self, times = None):
self.times = times