Stream your favorite radios in a playlist with HTML5 audio. Plugin for Yellow CMS.
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Streamlist Plugin 0.7.7

Stream your favorite radios in a playlist with HTML5 audio.

Your browser must support HTML5 audio tag.

Inspired by the tutorial from Last Rose Studios. You must have jQuery on your site.

Check also Medialist Plugin & Audio Plugin for different uses.


How do I install this?

  1. Download and install Yellow.
  2. Download and install jQuery plugin
  3. Download plugin. If you are using Safari, right click and select 'Download file as'.
  4. Copy into your system/plugins folder.

To uninstall delete the plugin files.

How to use Streamlist plugin?

First, create [player] shortcut to display the HTML5 audio player.

Then create your playlist using the [streamlist] shortcut with the following arguments:

STREAMURL = url of the radio stream
STREAMNAME = name of the radio - wrap multiple words into quotes

Note: Your playlist must be a single paragraph. Just leave 2 spaces at the end of a line to create a line break.

By default, Streamlist comes with Jquery 3.2.1 ( You can change your version in config.ini.



[streamlist WFMU]
[streamlist "WFMU Ichiban Rock and Soul"]
[streamlist "WFMU Give the Drummer Radio"]

How to found some radio streams?

Take a look here: