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Status images for your dockerhub automated build (like those for travis)
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Show status badges of your dockerhub automated build in your (like those for travis).

As soon as an image is here , it can be used from


  • SVG image
    • Pulls JS file
      • JS file includes list of status servers (since dockerhub does not allow crossorigin requests)
  • Status servers
    • Form
      • A python package
      • A docker container (to use the badge :) )
      • A heroku deploy
    • May serve the svg file but better if they do not. To provide more fault tolerance, see the JS file



  • GET /build/<organnization>/<repository>
    GET /build/<organnization>/<repository>?tag=<tag>
    Get the build status of an automated build.

    • organization is the dockerhub organization. Examples: library and mariobehling
    • repository is the repository in this organization. Examples: nginx and loklak
    • tag is optional, it is latest by default. Examples: latest


    • Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *


    • In case the request had an error:
      Where text is the error description.
    • In case all went fine:
      {"request":"ok", status:<build status>}
      The build status is
      • Negative for an error. Example: -1
      • Positive for success. Example: 1
      • It gets taken like from this example
  • GET /source
    Get the source code.

  • GET /status.svg
    See status.svg



  • organization is the name of the dockerhub organization. If it is left out, the name will be library.
  • repository is the name of the repository. This must be given.
  • tag is the name of the tag to use. If it is left out, the tag will be latest.
  • text is the text to show on the badge. If it is left out, the text will be Docker.


Badge Servers

You can contribute a badge server to this list here and in status.js:


As said, you can contribute a server or write your own. The API is open. Contribute by solving issues. I created the most basic version. Have a look and show this project some love and improve it <3


  • Status images for dockerhub automated builds
  • Build status badge for docker images
  • SVG badges


The repository is maintained at

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