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jQuery/Bootstrap data filtering and instant search
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jQuery/Bootstrap data filtering, instant search and display.



This plugin requires Bootstrap and bootstrap-select.js. You should ensure they load before this plugin.

Basic usage

Use the rel attribute in the html page to design a unique relationship between each select, the search field, the container and its elements where content will be displayed.

Pass a class to the jQuery object to initialize the plugin:


Custom settings

Pass custom settings to the filterify method.

The currently implemented settings are:

Setting Default Value Description
containerId filters-container Container element's id for the tagged content wrappers
searchInputId filters-search Search input box' id
searchedElements h2 Elements you want the search engine to act on and display
searchedElementsParent .row Default parent selector for the above element's parent
parentElementBgColor #8E201F Each select's container's background color

Final result example:

$('.filters-select').filterify({ selectsClass: 'filters-select', containerId: 'filters-container', searchInputId: 'filters-search', searchedElements: 'h2'})

See demo here.

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