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Our React component library to quickly plug together products. Used in conjunction with our product-boilerplate.


Visit the Storybook for examples of all components

This component library is based on:

Recommended usage is with rebass, this library does not re-export those core primitives (Flex, Box, etc).


Local development

We use Storybook to develop the component library locally. To start Storybook locally, run:

yarn run dev

Any .stories.js file will be picked up by Storybook. See their doc on how to write stories to learn more.

Using your local version in an app

There are three steps to use your local version of @nice-boys/components in an app for development:

  1. Link @nice-boys/components globally: Run yarn link in the @nice-boys/components directory to link the package globally (you only have to do that once on your machine)
  2. Tell your app to use your local version of @nice-boys/components: Run yarn link @nice-boys/components in your app directory that depends on the package (you only have to do this once per app)
  3. Rebuild the components on any change: Run yarn run build:watch in the components dir to make sure the library rebuilds every time you change/add/remove a component

That's it!

@nice-boys/components yourapp
yarn link yarn link @nice-boys/components
yarn run build:watch yarn run dev

If you want to use the remote version in your app again, simply run yarn unlink @nice-boys/components in the app directory.


Licensed under the MIT license. Copyright © 2019 Max Stoiber