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NiceHash Miner v1.7.5.13

This is a minor update.
To update from previous versions just copy the configs directory to NiceHashMiner_v1.7.5.13 folder.

Updates and fixes:

  • Updated Claymore ZecMiner to 12.5
  • Updated Claymore Eth Dual Miner to 9.4
  • New Dual algo profit switching with Claymore Eth Dual Miner thanks to DillonN.
  • Added Brasil and India locations

Notes on CPU mining

If the automatic initialization fails on your machine you can download bin.zip and extract to NiceHashMiner_v1.7.5.13 folder manually. If you are using 3rd party miners you can download bin_3rdparty.zip and extract to NiceHashMiner_v1.7.5.13 folder manually.

Keep on mining! ;)

checksums NiceHashMiner_v1.7.5.13.zip:

  • sha256sum -> f71c00b4c56bb92495f0f4112a08a27f5a54c409c5e8a4933a6e9784f4f35764