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This version is a pre-release alpha, it is recommended for users who are OK with dealing with some bugs. Feedback is appreciated, but please restrict specific issues to issue #1114

What's new since


  • All stable channel changes and fixes from up to
  • Support for upcoming CryptoNightV7 algorithm for Monero PoW change
    • Xmrig updated to 2.52 with CNV7 support on CPU
    • Xmr-stak updated to 3.00 with CNV7 support on CPU, AMD, and NVIDIA - see wiki for tweaking instructions
    • Algorithm is currently live on NiceHash, but orders may not pick up until after Monero forks to use this new proof-of-work
    • You can benchmark now and NHML will automatically switch if it is more profitable when the orders start coming in
    • Original CryptoNight algorithm will remain as-is
  • BETA Electrical cost profit switching:
    • Allows you to enter electricity cost in kW-h and power usage of algorithms in W. The price of the electricity required to run that algorithm will then be deducted from its profits when switching
    • The price of a kW-h you enter is in your display currency
    • Algorithms with zero or negative profits after deducting power costs will not be run
    • Power costs are also deducted from displayed profits on main page. This means it is now possible to have negative profits shown. This is particularly true when an algorithm has first started and is not yet at its expected hashrate. If a negatively profitable algorithm is running for too long it likely does not have a correct benchmark speed
    • There is currently NO auto-detecting of power consumption. After entering the power usage on the settings screen, NHML uses that value both for switching and displaying profits. Auto detection may be added in a future update
    • Feature can be turned off for individual cards by setting their power usage to 0. It can be globally turned off by setting the kW-h price to 0. (Default is off)
    • Will work on a wiki page to explain instructions better
  • Rig stats monitoring values that are unknown (e.g. CPU temp/fan, or sensors not supported by a GPU) will now show up on the monitoring page with a "?" instead of reported as 0


  • Fixes to parallel benchmarking
    • Mitigates "ghost benchmarks" where program does not show a benchmark running but one is in the background
  • Made socket reconnection more robust

Known issues:

  • Parallel benchmarking
    • May not work properly with specific miners such as dtsm, Prospector and ClaymoreCryptonote_old. If having issues you can force benchmarks to run sequentially or manually benchmark.
      • REMEMBER: For miner programs that haven't been updated, you can copy over your old benchmark files and they will already have speeds entered in your new install
    • On certain miners may immediately terminate if multiple start at the exact same time. Just retry and they should go through
    • The three dots that increment in the benchmark list on the current algo/miner may not update correctly

For a comprehensive list of other features over, see release page

This version is intended for experienced miners. If you are new to NiceHash or mining in general, it is recommended you try out NiceHash Miner 2. Components of NHML may get flagged by anti-virus software (see here). Users should be comfortable managing AV/Firewall exceptions.

Check out the Wiki for instructions on getting started, upgrading, troubleshooting, and more.

If benchmarking fails, try running in "Precise" or manually benchmarking

If autodownload fails, download the bin folders manually and unzip them to the directory: