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Designed to save developers more time and energy.

English | δΈ­ζ–‡

Goal and Philosophy

The ideal goal is to help us deal with things that can be more precise in the simplest way. Arya Jarvis is an attempt to do this, it designed to save developers more time and energy.


Node.js (>= 8.*), Npm version 5+ (Yarn preferred).


npm i arya-jarvis -g
# Or
yarn global add arya-jarvis


The following two functions can support multiple format files, such as: .js, .vue, .ux, .less, .scss, .css, .json, .md, .html, .qxml, .wxml.

πŸ’„ Prettier the code under the specified path.

arya prettier index.js
# πŸ‘ Or Use Alias
arya p ./src/**/**/*.js
# πŸ‘πŸ™Œ Or Use Alias & Wildcard
arya p .

πŸ”¬ Listen for code changes in the specified path and prettier them.

arya watcher index.js
# πŸ‘ Or Use Alias
arya w ./src/**/**/*.js
# πŸ‘πŸ™Œ Or Use Alias & Wildcard
arya w .

It is worth mentioning that the code formatting of this project is handled by arya w .. Thanks to myself for developing this arya jarvis in my spare time, I am super like it.

🌍 Used to quickly build a local web server.

arya server
# πŸ‘ Or Use Alias
arya s

🌊 One-click preview of the specified Markdown file

arya markdown
arya markdown ./nice-project/
# πŸ‘ Or Use Alias
arya m

Watcher (-w , --watch)

By default, the Markdown file you specify will not be listened. You can enable the monitor function by adding the -w option to refresh your preview page in real time. See the example below:

arya markdown -w
arya markdown --watch

⚑️ Find your local IP address and print it.

arya ip

πŸ‘€ View programs that occupy the specified port.

arya port 8080

πŸ“· Generate QR code for specified text

arya qrcode ""
arya qrcode "ζ™šζ™΄εΉ½θ‰θ½©θ½©δΈ»"

Save (-s , --save)

arya qrcode "" -s
arya qrcode "" --save

βœ‚οΈ Clear the terminal screen if possible

arya clear
# Or
arya c

On Mac OS, if you want to implement this function, you can run the clear command on the terminal; but this is not particularly convenient; you can use oh-my-zsh to configure the command alias in the .zshrc file: alias cls= 'clear'; in this case, running cls is enough to clear the terminal screen content; and this is another case on Windows systems; in this case, using arya c is a pretty good choice.

πŸ“· Greyscale: remove colour from the image.

arya img:greyscale <path>

# πŸ‘ Or Use Alias
arya igs <path>
# local folder
arya igs ./assets/images
# local image file
arya igs ./assets/images/logo.png
# online image address
arya igs

All processed pictures are placed in a new folder: arya-greyscale-imgs. Supported Image Types: .bmp, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .tiff.

🚝 List the script commands in package.json.

arya ls
# πŸ‘ Or Use Alias
arya l

In addition, arya jarvis is still implanting more useful features, if you have any needs, you can tell me, or expand on this basis. If you encounter any problems during use, you can always follow me feedback. Wish: Life is happy and work is well.

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Copyright (c) 2019-present, nicejade.