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🤖基于 Puppeteer 所构建的简易机器人,以帮助自动化完成些精确性事务。
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Puppeteer Robot

🤖A simple robot built with Puppeteer to to help automate some precise things.

English | 中文

Goal and Philosophy

In this intelligence era of digital information, even individuals, it is necessary to use a variety of tools to create their own automated robots to help complete some precise things, so that you can save more time to learn or do more meaningful; based on the newly acquired skills, in turn, improve and perfect the automation process; thus, form a virtuous circle, persist in reciprocation, so that gain more competitiveness in this great battle, in order to achieve the life you want. The establishment of this repository is an initial attempt to achieve this goal.

Up to now, it can do the following things:

  • Specify the time every day, automatically login to website, and sign in.


Puppeteer requires at least Node.js v6.4.0, but the examples below use async/await which is only supported in Node v7.6.0 or greater.


# 🎉 clone the project
git clone your-project-name
cd your-project-name

# ➕ install dependencies & start dev

# 🚀 Background deployment
yarn deploy

In addition, you need to download Chromium separately (Chinese users can download it on demand according to the system in Taobao Mirrors) and put it in the root directory of the project; of course, you can also modify the code to specify other locations where it is located.


In the src/config directory, you need create a secret.js in accordance with the format of secretSample.js and modify the configuration (🍀️).

yarn start

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