attach wiki metadata to media files by a point in time
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A media player metadata like thing.

I want some way of documenting a media stream. The only sensible way to do it seems to be by time. So this is the beginnings of a webapp to let people point at a point in a stream, counted from the beginning and comment on it.

What is it?

A page is an audio stream.

fragment identifiers within the page are points in time within the audio stream. You can attach comments to the points in time (I call them moments)


Still very much in development. We don't even have the proper hash following stuff yet, its speced here

How to bootstrap

  • cd toplevel
  • run ant to build the flash
  • cd toplevel/tbb
  • veh rebuild to build the django dependancies
  • veh shell -- ./ syncdb to make the database
  • veh shell -- ./ runserver 8003 to run on port 8003

Bootstrapping Techgrumps

I've included an xslt that can scrape the Techgrumps website and produce a Django loadfile.

Like this:

cd tbb
xsltproc --html ../tg.xslt > load.xml
./ loaddata load.xml