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;;; chat example - very simple webchat -*- lexical-binding: t -*-
(require 'esxml)
(require 'cl)
(require 'elnode)
(defconst chat-dir (file-name-directory
(or (buffer-file-name)
(defun chat-main-templater ()
"Return the `chat-list' as rows for initial chat display."
(defun chat-main-handler (httpcon)
"The main handler."
(let ((chat-js (concat chat-dir "chat.js"))
(chat-html (concat chat-dir "chat.html"))
(chat-css (concat chat-dir "styles.css")))
`(("^.*//chat/poll/" . chat-comet-handler)
("^.*//chat/send/" . chat-send-handler)
("^.*//chat.js" . ,(elnode-make-send-file chat-js))
("^.*//styles.css" . ,(elnode-make-send-file chat-css))
("^.*//" . ,(elnode-make-send-file
:replacements 'chat-main-templater))))))
(defvar chat-list '())
(defun chat-add (user text)
(list (current-time) user text)))
(defun chat-list-since (since)
(loop for rec in chat-list
if (time-less-p since (car rec))
collect rec))
;; chat-comet-handler - defer until there is some chat to send
(defun chat-comet-handler (httpcon)
"Defer until there is new chat."
(let ((entered (current-time)))
(elnode-defer-until (chat-list-since entered)
httpcon elnode-defer-guard-it :jsonp t))))
;; chat-send-handler - add the POSTed chat to the chat-list
;; the username is in a cookie: chatusername
;; the message parameter is "msg"
(defun chat-send-handler (httpcon)
(let ((username (elnode-http-cookie httpcon "chatusername" t))
(msg (elnode-http-param httpcon "msg")))
(chat-add username msg)
(elnode-send-json httpcon (json-encode '("thanks")))))
;; chat-list-to-html - make a table rows
;; each cell should have a class, username or message
;; the username row could have the username as a class as well
(defun chat-list-to-html ()
(loop for entry in chat-list
((class . ,(concat "username,"
(elt entry 1))))
,(elt entry 1))
(td ((class . "message")) ,(elt entry 2))))))
;;; chat.el ends here