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Info-level messages are shown as Errors #41

nkkarthik opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Info messages like calling handler, starting respose etc are shown as errors.
Can we change the level to elnode-info which is off by default?

*Messages* buffer contents

elnode-error: elnode--sentinel 'open from' for process  *elnode-webserver-proc* <> with buffer nil
elnode-error: Elnode status: *elnode-webserver-proc* <> open from
elnode-error: filter: calling handler on *elnode-webserver-proc* <>
elnode-error: starting HTTP response on *elnode-webserver-proc* <>
elnode-error: elnode--process-send-eof on *elnode-webserver-proc* <>
elnode-error: elnode--http-end ending socket *elnode-webserver-proc* <>
elnode-error: elnode--sentinel 'deleted.' for process  *elnode-webserver-proc* <> with buffer  *elnode-request-35689*
elnode-error: Elnode status: *elnode-webserver-proc* <> deleted
elnode-error: filter: handler returned on *elnode-webserver-proc* <>

Most log messages don't have a level right now. The level stuff has been introduced for the defer handling. I will see what I can do to introduce the leveling into the rest of the logging.

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