Don't start an elnode process on start-up by default #45

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The current default is to start an elnode process listening on port 8000 when Emacs starts. This is quite unexpected in my opinion, because it will prompt users about running processes when they quit Emacs, even if they haven't used elnode. I installed it to be able to run the tests for web.el only.


I second this request.

I like to have elnode installed using package.el, however this results in elnode starting up a server every time I start Emacs. Not only is this a pain (to have to wait for the server to start, and then kill the server every time I launch emacs), it is also very surprising that installing elnode means Emacs will open and listen to (and potentially run commands in response to) a port every time it starts.

I think either pushing the launch-default-server functionality behind a command, or splitting elnode into multiple package (e.g., elnode-core and elnode-w-[examples,batteries,whatever]) would be great improvements.



@denizdogan Can't agree more.


There is the elnode-do-init variable that can be set to nil to disable this behavior. (However the *elnode-webserver* buffer is still created. See issue 50.)


The first step in my Emacs startup is initialization of ELPA packages, thus these servers are started before any of my personal configuration is loaded. I still contend that starting servers on package initialization is a surprising and overly heavyweight default behavior.

For now I'm going to have to remove my elnode ELPA package.



@eschulte eschulte added a commit that referenced this issue Oct 20, 2013
@eschulte eschulte do not start a server when required or loaded
This commit removes elnode-do-init and the related initialization
machinery.  The elnode-do-init customization variable can not be set
until after elnode is loaded.  By this time the server has already been
started so setting the value of elnode-do-init has no effect.  Thus this
customization variable is useless and should be removed.

There are many valid uses of elnode which do *not* require the default
server to be launched (e.g., running any non-default server, or
requiring elnode for development).  See issues #45 and #80.

This commit also updates the documentation of the elnode-init function.

I +1 this; this was confusing for me =(


This was fixed in cc7c730

@nicferrier nicferrier closed this Aug 27, 2014
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