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An emacs client for elpad.
Emacs Lisp
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Elpad client

Elpad is a service offering live pastes. Paste some text to an Elpad, keep updating it, other people can see the updates *live*.

Elpad client is an Emacs client for Elpad, letting you create and update Elpads as easy as you open a buffer.

Only one command is available right now:

elpad-client-get-pad which takes the ID of an existing pad.

It is NOT possible to create pads or delete them yet.

Alpha testing

  • download this repo
  • make sure you have marmalade in your package-archives
  • open the elpad-client.el
  • M-x package-install-from-buffer

Should install everything you need to try it out.


M-x elpad-client-get-pad [RET] url [RET]

where url is what you copied from the website.

You should get an elpad/something buffer (where something is the same ID as in the url you used) and you should see whatever Nic has pasted to that url.

If Nic is typing into it you should see it update dynamically.

Depends manually

The depends as repos are:

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