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This is an emacs interface to pastebin programs.

pastebins are programs that can be sent text over the WWW as a form of collabarative sharing.



An interface to the pastebin code snippet www service.

See pastebin.com for more information about pastebin.

Called interactively pastebin uses the current region for preference for sending... if the mark is NOT set then the entire buffer is sent.

Argument START is the start of region. Argument END is the end of region.

If PREFIX is used pastebin prompts for a prefix to be used as the virtual host to use. For example use emacs for emacs.pastebin.com.

pastebin-buffer (&OPTIONAL URL)

Send the whole buffer to pastebin.com. Optional argument PREFIX will request the virtual host to use,

 eg:[[emacs]] for [[emacs.pastebin.com]].