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@@ -2,3 +2,31 @@ This is an emacs interface to pastebin programs.
pastebins are programs that can be sent text over the WWW as a form of
collabarative sharing.
+== API ==
+=== pastebin (START END &OPTIONAL URL) ===
+An interface to the pastebin code snippet www service.
+See for more information about pastebin.
+Called interactively pastebin uses the current region for
+preference for sending... if the mark is NOT set then the entire
+buffer is sent.
+Argument START is the start of region.
+Argument END is the end of region.
+If PREFIX is used pastebin prompts for a prefix to be used as the
+virtual host to use. For example use [[emacs]] for [[]].
+=== pastebin-buffer (&OPTIONAL URL) ===
+Send the whole buffer to
+Optional argument PREFIX will request the virtual host to use,
+ eg:[[emacs]] for [[]].

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